As well as Over the Moon Puppet Theatre, Sophie and Kiley have done various other puppetry projects within the community and the university! If you are interested in knowing more about any of these past projects, potential revivals, or future collaborations, send us an e-mail.

Ernie and Bethy

Hilda and Beatrice

Hilda and Beatrice is a 20 minute shadow puppet and movement performance written, designed, and directed by our puppeteer Sophie Underwood. This project was created as a final project in her fourth year Directing course at the University of Victoria, where she studied Theatre (Directing) and Writing (Playwriting and Fiction). This whimsical play starts with two young sisters alone in their room at bedtime, unable to fall asleep, and transitions into the wonderful world of StoryLand, where characters Hilda and Beatrice leave their boring lives behind, hitchhike, meet monsters, and end up taking a hot air balloon to space!

Actors pictured: Rachel Myers and Lucy Sharples

Travelling Puppet Show!

Comedy Events!

Comedy Vertigo is a recurring stand up comedy event at the University of Victoria, organized by the UVic Lampoon. Sophie and Kiley performed an all-ages puppet show about a medieval talent show for 60+ adult audience members! Kiley occasionally gets on stage without puppets on hand in an attempt to make Victoria audiences laugh. Kiley is the Uvic Lampoon’s current president, working to publish comedy zines for the campus community.