Puppet Show Reviews!

“The puppet shows were fabulous this year. The energy of the two handlers was infectious and the Powell River audiences loved them. They were spontaneous (adlibbed, and interacted with the young crowd delightfully), and the dialogue was energetic and well-paced, delivered clear as a bell.”

Library Staff in Powell River

“This is the best show my kid has seen. The kids loved the interactive puppets.”

Attending Parent of Junior Show

“Great shows! Thank you for including my younger child too.”

Attending Parent of Senior Show

“Their characters used all levels of the puppet theatre which made for lively viewing. And what really amazed me was at the end of their performances they had energy to goof around with their lingering fans and have super interesting conversations with us.They were funny. They were smart. And we hope they come again.” 

Powell River Library Staff

“The 2 girls running the program are brilliant and put the kids into the story really well! Thank you!”

Attending Parent of Junior Puppet Show

Workshop and Craft Reviews!

“You guys are awesome! Your program is an amazing introduction to art for children.”

Parent Attending Junior Workshop

“The presenters were both very engaging and helped to draw out my daughter who has anxiety in social situations. It allowed her to participate in a group and the idea of puppets made her feel one removed and I was pleased to see her up behind the stage with her puppet.”

Parent of Senior Workshop

“My son loved it! He wasn’t sure on the first day but once there he was so excited. Couldn’t wait for the second day. The women had so much energy and were great.”

Parent of Junior Workshop

“We appreciate the leaders flexibility and sense of fun in organizing such a colourful group of kids. My 9-year-old loved it. It was the perfect length.”

Parent of Senior Workshop

“The leaders did a great show in the beginning, and my kids loved making their own puppets and having performing time.”

Parent of Senior Show and Workshop

“Wonderful and creative, with great staff, and great, age appropriate activities.”

Parent of Junior Show and Craft

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