Frequently Asked Questions

*As of July 2022 Over the Moon Puppets is currently not booking in-person shows or workshops. Contact us about potential creative collaborations or puppet consultations!*

We would love an outdoor show! Where can you perform?

We would love to perform in your backyard, or other large outdoor area, weather permitting. We are able to combat wind to a minor extent, but will not be able to perform in rainy conditions. As well, the same as indoor shows, we require an uninterrupted space to set up in. We would prefer the children to enter the space in a way that does not allow them to see behind the stage – they will have an opportunity to visit behind-the-scenes later in the day, but we would prefer to keep our magic a secret before the show!

I think my child would rather play a few more games than read a story, is this possible?

Absolutely! We are flexible with the elements of our packages, and how much time is spent on each activity. Contact us to see how we can create the most enjoyable experience possible for your child!

I’m concerned that my child and their guests will have trouble concentrating for the duration of a 20 – 30 minute show.

No problem! We actually perform a series of 3-8 minute shows that are interspersed by our MC puppets, Milly and Jeremy. If necessary, there is plenty of opportunity for restless children to leave the room.

How far do you travel?

We service Greater Victoria for no charge. Events further out may be subject to a small travel fee – send us an e-mail and we’ll figure it out!

Why is there a difference in price between some of the birthday party packages?

The price discrepancy is to compensate for the different craft materials and preparation time we supply. For example, the socks we use for the Senior Puppet Craft are more expensive than the paper bags we use for the Junior Puppet Craft!

Have another question? Contact us!